Work with us one to one

Some Shrinking Thinking Clients prefer working with us on a one-to-one basis. Even though loads of learning can come from listening to other members’ issues and sharing experiences, this can feel scary & overwhelming and – let’s be frank – some people just don’t like working in a group! Others simply don’t want to wait for the next group dates now that they’ve finally made their decision to stop procrastinating & get started with their weight loss journey!

Is this you?

  • Would you like to have a programme tailored to your own individual needs?

  • Do you want to schedule coaching & learning sessions to suit YOUR diary & life commitments?

  • Would you prefer to work at a pace to suit you – as full on or as gentle as you like?

  • Are you ready to get started now? 🙂

The beauty of a one-to-one Shrinking Thinking programme is the range of options available to meet your needs! The full programme includes sessions on:

  • All about you

  • Your Thinking

  • Nutrition

  • Managing Emotions

  • Goals

  • Focus

  • Putting it all together

These can be scheduled to suit you – eg weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions depending on how quickly you’d like to progress. You might prefer to focus and gain clarity on just one or two key topics / personal issues, or get off to a rapid start by scheduling some quick fix sessions to address your emotional eating and snacking.

Are you ready to get started now? Great! We’d recommend a quick “getting to know you” chat, so we can discuss your issues and what you’d like to work on. This can be done by telephone, or by a free online video call (usually via Zoom through your smart phone, tablet or laptop). Then we can go right ahead and schedule your first session

What if you’re not quite ready to start now? We’d still suggest you give us a call! We’ll chat about your issues and fears, how we can help you, and even give you pointers about what else you could consider. We might ask what you’re allowing to stop you from getting started, or to think how long you’ve been stuck & procrastinating for already! We’ll probably also ask what needs to change for you to be ready to get started…  (Hint – the answer is usually – YOU!)

So how do you change? Quite simply by making a decision to start! Perhaps this will help you… Imagine how you’re going to feel once you’ve started your Shrinking Thinking journey:

  • Feel the weight that’s lifting from your shoulders & experience that sense of relief now that you’ve finally stopped procrastinating and started DOING something about your weight issues – at last!

  • See the clarity you’ve gained from those “light-bulb” moments as you’ve suddenly understood what’s been behind your eating behavior and why you’ve self destructed so much in the past!

  • Experience new self-confidence from learning simple guidelines about healthy eating and putting them into practice to make the right food choices for you.

  • Hear the positive comments from your friends and family as they witness the changes in your attitude to food and exercise.

  • Feel the joy of being in control of what you eat – no more mindless snacking or bingeing – and even enjoying some treats when you want!

  • See yourself working towards your weight & fitness goals, confident that you can and will achieve them AND handle whatever roadblocks come up.

  • You’ve even started wondering why you waited so long to get started!

So, save yourself weeks & months of delay – decide to stop procrastinating and get started TODAY !