Want something easy to help you lose weight?

By 23rd September 2016Uncategorised

If you’re not yet ready to start the Shrinking Thinking programme, we can still help you with your weight loss goals! Along with her coaching work, Caroline is also an Independent Consultant at Arbonne, and can help you achieve weight loss and healthier lifestyles using some amazing nutrition products. Here’s Caroline’s thoughts on how these products fit in with Shrinking Thinking’s ethos of helping people to build a healthy relationship with real food rather than follow fad diets…

Full Control – this wonderful product quite simply helps you to feel full and therefore stop snacking! I LOVE it because it helps you to re-train your brain (and your stomach) as to what a correct healthy portion size really is, rather than what I call “eating with your eyes” which results in overeating. If you want to get moving with weight loss but are afraid of “going the whole hog” with a healthy eating lifestyle, then this is a great choice – it’s really easy to use and, as you start seeing weight loss results, it helps motivate you to get going on the healthy eating and exercising too! I’ve found that once you’ve done your portion size “re-training”, you can stop using Full Control yet still continue to lose weight. You’ll be amazed at how satisfying your meals become with smaller portions – I lost 6lbs in July 2015 using this product alone, with no exercise or other life changes…. Fantastic results !

Metabolism Support – this contains botanicals and chromium to help with your body’s thermogenesis process – it’s use of energy – as well as maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, which you’ll learn on the Shrinking Thinking programme is critical to avoid cravings and the lack of sugar shakes! When I used this in January 2015 along with Full Control, I lost 9lbs, with no additional exercise or other life changes.

Protein Shakes – It took me a while to accept the idea of using protein shakes, as I much preferred the idea of using “real” food, and I thought shakes didn’t help people to build that healthy relationship with food. I’ve recently found that it’s a great way of helping people to get fruit & veggies into their diet without even noticing them – great if you’re a veggie hater, like so many of our past Shrinking Thinkers who’ve struggled with eating what they’ve previously called “rabbit food”!! Even better, for those of you who can’t live without chocolate, you can get an incredibly chocolatey experience in a protein shake, and it still counts as a healthy meal – got to love that! Many people use protein shakes because they are quick and easy to make, and when you combine them with real foods, they make incredibly powerful, nutrient dense smoothies which pack a healthy punch and are wonderfully filling! There’s loads of healthy recipes available to give you ideas, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting, adding different fruits, vegetables and nutrients from my fridge and store cupboards. I’ve used vegetables that I’ve never even bought before such as kale and beetroot and found them to be amazingly tasty, so it’s really helped me to broaden my use of healthy veggies! Beware though – not all protein shakes are the same. Most are whey based which is difficult for the body to digest & can lead to inflammation of the gut. Arbonne protein is Vegan so it’s whey free and has an amazing 100% amino acid score, meaning your body can easily digest it and convert it all to healthy lean muscle. It’s also gluten free – great if you struggle with intolerances, bloating, IBS or other irritated gut issues. Our Shrinking Thinking nutritionist Alisa says you should have protein with every meal, and this is a great way to get a nutrient filled, protein rich meal. You can also cook and bake with the protein and make incredibly tasty, healthy snacks.

Caroline also has loads of other products which can help you with your healthy eating lifestyle and weight loss. You can view these on her Arbonne website using this link: Caroline’s Arbonne website nutrition page. The prices shown on the website are list prices – there are loads of offers available, with discounts of upto 40%, so the best way to explore how Caroline can help you with nutrition products is to give her a call now on 0843 532 4687 or 0770 224 0394!