As you can probably tell, we just LOVE sharing how the Shrinking Thinking process can help with weight loss, emotional eating, and improved health and fitness goals! So we designed the “Shrinking Thinking Partner Workshop” to work with a variety of groups – including:

  • Local slimming / weight loss classes

  • Gyms & exercise classes

  • Offices / workplaces running a health challenge or promotion

We can also work with groups of clients from:

  • Nutritionists

  • Fitness Trainers

Workshops are typically 2-3 hours duration, and of course we can tailor them to suit the needs of your group. The workshops are designed to complement existing weight loss group & gym programmes and help your members improve their results. Typical workshop goals can include:

  • Understand how your unconscious mind and your emotions & thinking get in the way of your weight loss or fitness goals!

  • Spot the emotional blocks which are derailing your health & fitness goals, and learn how to release them!

  • Quick fixes: Understand what’s driving your emotional eating, learn how to stop snacking AND switch off your food cravings!

If you’d like us to help YOUR group with a tailored Shrinking Thinking Partner Workshop, do get in touch

so we can have a chat – we’d love to help!