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Welcome to the Shrinking Thinking Community!

Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror?

Have you struggled with your weight for a long time?

Do you want to stop dieting, eat real food & learn to love yourself? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Join now for the trial price of just £1!

Many people are unhappy with their bodies, hating how they look and feel. They’ve spent much of their lives dieting, often regaining the weight (and more) after each diet, with their confidence & self-esteem getting worse. Most know something needs to change, but don’t realise the secret lies inside: with their emotions and mindset.

The Shrinking Thinking Community is a private online programme helping you to understand what’s been going on with your thinking and emotions around eating & dieting, and giving you the tools, support & help you need on your journey towards a healthier, happier you. With weekly live training calls to help you learn and grow, and a fabulously encouraging private support group, it’s the perfect place for you to shrink your thinking, let go of your emotional “stuff” and even learn to love yourself!

What do you get as a member of the Shrinking Thinking Community?

- A welcome 1-1 call (max 30 mins) – a chance to get to know you, where you are in your weight & self-image journey and your key issues / challenges. As well as helping us to tailor content to suit you, this’ll help you to feel more at home with us and to know you’re in the right place!

- A weekly online video training call (typically 30-45 mins), which is recorded so you can watch it later if you can’t join live. We’ll have a different topic each week to help you learn and let go of your "stuff", and we'll give you the chance to vote for YOUR favourite topic so you get content relevant to you. Call times will vary – some daytime, some evenings - so everyone gets a chance to join us live.

- A private FaceBook support group where you can ask for help, share your experiences and issues, learn from each other’s journeys, vent your feelings, get encouragement and understanding, celebrate your achievements (no matter how small!) as well as help each other move on when you're stuck. We’ll be popping in regularly, sharing suggestions & challenges, as well as simply to chat.

- Members’ only discounts and offers on Shrinking Thinking products – including 1-1 coaching, and the Shrinking Thinking Clarity programme.

Join now for the trial price of just £1!

Why Shrinking Thinking?

You’ll probably have experienced for yourself that what you’re thinking & how you’re feeling has a huge impact both on what you eat, and your success – or failure – with losing weight. Yet most weight loss or slimming programmes focus on WHAT or HOW MUCH you’re eating, and fail to address the reasons behind WHY you’re eating what you eat. As specialist emotions and thinking coaches, we know that if you don’t resolve the emotional issues behind your weight problems, you’re unlikely to have long term success with your weight loss or your self-image. It’s very difficult to find the right sort of emotional help, so we created our own unique Shrinking Thinking programme, where we help you manage your weight and your self-image by sorting out your head and your feelings!

Who’s the Shrinking Thinking Community for?

We designed the Shrinking Thinking programme and the online Community to help women who’re fed up feeling stuck or out of control with their weight, who’re done with hating their body & who want help to get their emotions and eating under control. Typically we work with busy women who are struggling to juggle a responsible job (or their own business) with the demands of family life, who find it difficult to prioritise taking care of themselves and their physical & emotional health. But if this isn’t you, don’t worry – the Shrinking Thinking processes can work for everyone, including men!

Who’s the Shrinking Thinking Community NOT for?

If you’re happy hating yourself and your weight or shape, enjoy complaining about it and blaming others for your problems, then this group is definitely NOT for you! We’ve all been stuck in the “blame game” at times and that’s absolutely OK for a short while – but at Shrinking Thinking we’re all about taking responsibility, making a few small changes,  and moving on to better and happier times. If you’re ready for this, fantastic – come and join us now!!

How much does it cost?

The normal price to join the Shrinking Thinking Community is just £9 a month, but for a limited period, you can get access to all of the benefits of being a Shrinking Thinking Community member for the trial price of just £1!! (Trial period: 1 month)

Shrinking Thinking Community member benefits & bonuses:

  • Welcome 1-1 call (max 30 mins)

  • Weekly video call (typically 30-45 mins)

  • Membership of the private Shrinking Thinking Community Facebook group

  • Bonus Facebook “Live” chats

  • Members only discounts and offers on Shrinking Thinking products

Join now for the trial price of just £1!

The small print:

The £1 trial period is for 1 month, so if you do not wish to become a full member of the Shrinking Thinking Community, simply let us know before the end of your trial period by emailing us at, otherwise you’ll be billed at the full member rate 1 month after your trial commences.

If you decide to leave the Shrinking Thinking Community, we’ll be sorry to see you go! Just email us at 5 days before your monthly billing date and we’ll take care of the rest. Please be aware there will be no refund for partial months! (If you miss a monthly payment, or simply want to re-new your membership at a later date, then you can of course re-new at the membership price valid at that time)

Shrinking Thinking reserves the right to remove members from the Shrinking Thinking Community without any refunds if they do not follow the “house rules” published in the online Community. (The “house rules” are mainly common sense to protect members’ enjoyment of the Community as well as their privacy.)