Have you struggled with your weight for a long time?

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried every diet there is, but you still haven’t sorted your weight out!

Is snacking ruining your life (and your good intentions)?

Do you want to stop dieting & learn how to eat real food for the rest of your life?


Most people don’t realise that how they are thinking & feeling can have a huge impact on their weight, and on their success – or failure – with losing weight. As specialist emotion and thinking coaches we know just how easy it is to sort this out, so we created the unique Shrinking Thinking programme, helping people to manage their weight by sorting out their head and their feelings!

The Shrinking Thinking "Clarity" Programme consists of:

  • 6 x 60-90 minute on-line group learning sessions

  • Self study workbook & home exercises for each session

  • 4 x 30 min online Q&A calls

  • 1 x personal 1-1 Clarity coaching session (max 90 mins)

  • Private Facebook Support group

Special offer – join now for just £199! (Usual price £299)

The programme is delivered in bite sized chunks over 6 weeks, with weekly on-line group learning sessions as well as activities for you to complete at home at a time convenient to you.

The Shrinking Thinking “Clarity” programme is designed for busy women just like you who have had enough of feeling stuck & out of control, women who want clarity on their weight issues and who are ready to now take action & get sorted!

We start by helping you to understand your own emotional eating and thinking, then we give you loads of tools & techniques to help you change your habits & behaviours, as well as showing you how to stop self sabotaging and gain control of your eating.

There’s a private on-line support group where you can buddy up with an accountability partner, and regular Q&A calls to ensure you don’t get stuck. You’ll receive a one-to-one private Clarity coaching session where we’ll zone in on your issues with a laser focus. We’ll also help get you clear on your goals & stay on-track with your actions.

The definition of insanity truly does apply to dieting….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! Do you want to keep dieting for the rest of your life, or do you want to change? To create change in your life, something has to change – you have to do something different!

Special offer – join now for just £199! (Usual price £299)

This is what Shrinking Thinking is all about – it’s a completely different approach to dieting that helps you to manage your emotions, your snacking and your weight.  Shrinking Thinking shows you how to take control and get into the driving seat of your life!