Shrinking Thinking is a unique Weight Management programme created by Caroline Winn & Martin Lawson at Ascent NLP Ltd in response to the sheer lack of emotional support available for people who are continuously struggling with their weight

While coaching clients across the UK, Caroline & Martin noticed the recurring themes of emotional eating, negative thinking and bad feelings around diet and exercise, and the fact that so much of what both men and women eat is tied up with how they are feeling about themselves. It stands to reason that to help people to lose weight and improve their health, we must first help them to feel better about themselves, and to change the emotional connections that have been made with food and exercise. And so Shrinking Thinking was born.

Caroline & Martin are “thinking and feeling experts” – experts in helping clients to eliminate emotional baggage from their lives, changing destructive thinking patterns, and freeing clients to live the lives they choose to live rather than the ones they were given! Caroline & Martin are both Master NLP Coaches, and Master Practitioners of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnosis, and are regularly adding new tools, techniques and therapies to their repertoire – for example, Caroline will shortly be a qualified EFT Practitioner.

At Shrinking Thinking we also have our own Nutrition Specialist to provide advice on eating healthily during the programme, and also help our members to separate the facts from the myths around healthy eating.

Alisa Wilson from Nutritionalise is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, and she takes a holistic approach to her nutritional advice, meaning she looks after the whole person, their health and their lifestyle, rather than just focus on their diet alone. She specialises in providing nutrition advice for health issues such as cancer and arthritis, as well as sports nutrition. Like Caroline and Martin, Alisa is passionate about making healthy eating easy to understand and to maintain!

At Ascent NLP, Caroline & Martin have been providing businesses and individuals with training, coaching and development services tailored to their client’s needs since 2008. They provide their one-to-one clients with the ability to understand and the coaching to resolve their issues – often linked to seemingly unrelated past events – helping clients to move forward and become more successful in both their work and personal lives.

For businesses, they specialise in improving team communications and motivations, and can provide bespoke training packages, as well as team events. Caroline & Martin also run public workshops, and provide inspirational speaker sessions to businesses & community groups on a variety of popular subjects, including public speaking, stress management, achieving goals & managing life changes. Their coaching services can be found in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Milnathort (Kinross) and Perth.

More information on Ascent NLP can be found here AscentNLP Ltd

Caroline and Martin can be contacted on 0843 330 8729 or Contact Us Here