Learn how to control your eating, weight & life!

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Shrinking Thinking is an online Weight Management Programme that helps you to understand the emotions behind why you eat what you eat, and teaches you how to regain control – of your weight and your life!

With Shrinking Thinking you can:

Stop feeling guilty about what you eat
Understand and change your eating behaviour
Dispel the myths around healthy eating
Learn to separate hunger cravings, emotions and habits
Feel better about yourself

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Not All Weight Loss Programmes do the Same Thing!

How Shrinking Thinking differs from Slimming or Weight Loss Classes

How This Programme Can Help You With Weight Control!

This is the one and only thing that’s worked for me, and it’s completely transformed me. It’s so hard to explain how different this programme is, but it will change your life & your relationship with food totally.

Susan - Edinburgh

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is wondering why they are the way they are and is keen to explore a different approach to their weight.

Claire - Working mum

I am convinced it’s been the most worthwhile thing I have done for myself. I have had this sugar addiction behaviour for over 20 years! It’s quite an incredible change. I can’t thank them enough for coming up with the concept. I urge you to give it a go.

Anna - Edinburgh

The Shrinking Thinking “Clarity” programme is designed for busy women just like you who have had enough of feeling stuck & out of control, women who want clarity on their weight issues and who are ready to now TAKE ACTION and get sorted!

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In a two year survey of Shrinking Thinking members, we found most were either emotional eaters or addictive eaters – showing how big a part our emotions play in our over-eating problems!

(Sample size: 117 members)

Emotional Eater


Addictive Eater


People Pleaser


Big Eater

Martin Lawson

Martin Lawson


Caroline Winn

Caroline Winn

Coach / Presenter

Alisa Wilson

Alisa Wilson